All in one Gym Machine Price in India

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All in One Gym Machine Price in India

There are many brands that have introduced all-in-one gym machines in India. From normal quality to optimum quality, all kinds of machines are available in the market. As the machines are priced according to their quality of material and varied features, there is a difference in pricing. You can say that all-in-one gym machines are available for every price range so in a way it is a good thing. You can select the one which fits right into your budget. Let’s have a look at all the different priced machines which are available in India on

Cockatoo HG-03 Professional Home Gym Station with Steel Frame Full Cover at Back, Home Gym Machine

Bring home this compact exercise station to enable effective full-body training. This particular home gym machine gives you the chance to target and exercise several body parts while cutting down on the time required to switch in between machines. The steel framework makes it sturdy enough to withstand rigorous daily training. A considerable capacity of 120Kgs makes it cater to most training demands. The set allows an array of fitness activities to focus on each body part. This gym machine is priced at Rs. 43,990.

Kamachi HG-44 4 Station Home Gym

This machine is multi-functional as it can be efficiently used for different flat, and Incline exercises. It can also be used for arms and legs strengthening. This machine is made using high-quality steel for long-lasting characteristics. The foam used is of great quality, offering better cushioning. It also has PVC for the prevention of slipping and layered coating for corrosion prevention. This home gym is priced at Rs.87,499.

Energie Fitness Multi-Station Home Gym for Multi-Exercises

This home gym provides multiple exercising functions like chest extension, leg extension, high pull, peck-deck, chest fly exercise, and lat pull down. It has easy open pully locks so you can add your own attachments as per your requirements like triceps rope or ankle straps. This home gym machine is available at the price of Rs.22,499.

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