Current Date:October 16, 2021

Asus Vs Lenovo Laptop

If you are on a lookout to buying a new laptop then these two brands might have popped in your head Asus and Lenovo as they are at present quiet in demand. The debate over Asus Vs Lenovo laptop has been going on for a while now and we have all been through it before buying a laptop. But we are not here to further increase your confusion so we took the liberty of compiling few facts about the two laptop brands so you could easily decide which one you should go for.


Asus seem to price their laptops fairly. You need to look at the models you are considering to see what you are getting for your money. However, one of the fantastic things about Asus is that they have such a great price range of laptops, there’s a laptop suitable for almost everyone. Lenovo offer laptops in all price ranges, from entry-level to premium priced. When you compare the components to other brands, however, the price is expensive.


Asus produce some stunning laptops. They make them from quality materials that are durable, regardless of price range. The design of their laptops is almost minimalistic, and all have a stylish finish to them. Asus also came up with the aforementioned ScreenPad. This is an interactive LCD touch screen, which replaces the old touchpad. It not only serves as a touchpad but also serves as a multi-functional display. Lenovo laptops don’t stand out from the crowd in design and are not as stunning as Asus laptops. Most models have a similar design but you do get several colour options on many. Often smaller than most laptops, with most models being lightweight, this makes them ideal for carrying around.


Asus keep themselves ahead with new ideas. They often come up with new models that provide customers with the “wow” factor. Good examples are the ZenBook and the ROG Zephyrus. Both include unique features that other brands don’t offer in similar models. As Lenovo is one of the most famous brands, you would expect them to stay ahead with innovation. Lenovo don’t disappoint in this area and are often among the first to bring out new technology. Like when they released the ThinkPad X1 carbon with HDRI (high dynamic range imaging) and the Qualcomm processor on the Miix 630. You will find many of the ranges that Lenovo produce are innovative.

So in the debate of Asus Vs Lenovo laptops what you can do is this, if you want to pay for the components and specifications, not the brand name, then choose Asus. Lenovo are great choices for students and business. They are ideal for carrying around, and they are versatile in their use. You can go for the brand which fulfils all your requirements. You can also check for the cheapest macbook in India. You can also check for the cheapest MacBook in India.


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