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Best Gadgets Under Rs.500 on Amazon

Best Gadgets Under Rs.500 on Amazon

We all look for ways to make our life easier every day. With ever-growing technological advancements, there have been many inventions in order to make one’s life easier. These days many unique gadgets are available online at affordable prices. We have cherry-picked some of the best gadgets under Rs.500 on Amazon for you to make your life trouble-free.

Portronics Portable RuffPad E-Writer

This environment-friendly RuffPad comes with a stylus and can be used to write notes, make a to-do list, or just to doodle on it in your free time. With a pressure-sensitive screen and one-touch erase button, this RuffPad has a magnetic base so you can easily put it up on your fridge. 

Price-INR 399

Magnifico Bj-196 Plastic 8 in 1 Multi Screwdriver Set

The portable multi screwdriver set comes with a flashlight which makes this product convenient and practical for everyday use. This multi screwdriver set is a must-have for every household.

Price-INR 199

Yuv’S Tds Digital Meter

With increasing water pollution and lack of trust in water purifiers, it is best if we could have something to check the purity of the water we drink or use on daily basis. This digital meter measures the quality of water in no time and it also tells you the water temperature within seconds.

Price-INR 188

Portronics Car Power 4 POR-761 Car Charger

This car charger comes with 5 USB ports so that there is no uncharged device in your car while traveling or going for a long drive on a starry night. The device has an elegant design and sturdy built. It also has an inbuilt chip to protect your smart devices against over-current or over-charging.

Price-INR 679

Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper 

A perfect gadget for your kitchen, this mini plastic chopper has three blades made of stainless steel. This mini chopper is easy to clean as it can be opened and easily detached. It does not use electricity or battery to work; it uses a unique string function to chop your fruits and vegetables.

Price-INR 269

With great quality and reasonable pricing, these are the best gadgets under Rs.500 on Amazon. All these amazing and useful gadgets can be yours with a click of a button on Amazon.in. Start adding them to your cart before they go out of stock. You can check for the new gadgets 2020 in India.


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