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Best IMDb Web Series Hindi

Best Highest IMDb Rating Web Series

IMDb has always been considered a statutory body when it comes to knowing which are the most loved movies and web series around the globe. It provides ratings based on their popularity worldwide. These days many Indian web series have surfaced that are said to be winning people over around the globe. Let’s find out the best IMDb web series Hindi in 2020.

  1. Sacred Games

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A link in their pasts leads an honest cop to a fugitive gang boss, whose cryptic warning spurs the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from cataclysm. Sacred Games has gotten itself 8.8 stars rating on IMDb.

  1. Little Things

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With 8.3 stars Little Things is about a cohabiting couple in their 20s navigate the ups and downs of work, modern-day relationships and finding themselves in contemporary Mumbai.

  1. The Family Man

the family man

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The Family Man with 8.6 stars is an edgy action-drama series, which tells the story of a middle-class man who works for a special cell of the National Investigation Agency. While he tries to protect the nation from terrorists, he also has to protect his family from the impact of his secretive, high-pressure, and low paying job.

  1. Mirzapur

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With 8.5 star rating Mirzapur is on the charts. A shocking incident at a wedding procession ignites a series of events entangling the lives of two families in the lawless city of Mirzapur.

  1. Hostel Daze

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Through the adventures of four friends ‘Hostel Daze’ captures what goes inside an engineering hostel in India. The web series has received 8.8 star rating on IMDb.

These 5 best IMDb web series in Hindi are completely different from one another. From love to crime to student life, you’ll see it all. So, make good use of your idle time and binge watch these web series during this period of lockdown. Also check for the best web series on amazon prime india.


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