Current Date:January 20, 2022

Food to Increase Immunity against Cold and Cough

The perfect way to boost your immune system naturally is to get the essential vitamins and minerals through your diet rather than using supplements. Include these items of food to increase immunity against cold and cough:


Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that protect cell health. Vitamin C does a lot to keep our body healthy, including supporting the immune system. Since our bodies don’t make it, we have to rely on our diet to get the recommended amount of this vital nutrient.



Garlic contains a number of vitamins and minerals crucial to the immune system. But it also has a compound called allicin, which may be a powerful weapon against bacteria and viruses. It’s not hard to find recipes that use garlic, but you can also eat it raw, which preserves more of its health-promoting qualities.



These popular nuts are high in vitamin E, which fortifies the immune system. Almonds also contain zinc, a mineral that is believed to have linked to fewer colds and quicker recoveries. Keep a bag of almonds in the pantry and grab a handful to eat as a snack. They’re packed with protein, fibre and healthy fats to keep you feeling full until your next meal.



Mushrooms are loaded with selenium, a mineral that protects the body from infection, as well as zinc and vitamins B & D. It is among the most liked food to increase immunity against cold and cough.



Spinach is a major super-food that is great for your overall health. Not only is it packed with digestion-regulating fibre, but it also contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that can assist in preventing the common cold and help reduce symptoms of sickness.


Sweet Potatoes

This sweet spud is a delicious immune booster, packed with vitamin A, which your body needs to protect your cells and fight off germs. One potato is enough to meet your daily recommendation. Just like regular potatoes, you can mash and roast sweet potatoes, too.


Tomatoes are also a great food to eat when you’re sick due to their high concentration of vitamin C. Just one medium tomato contains a little over 16 milligrams of vitamin C, which is a proven fuel to your body’s immune system.

A healthy diet along with some preventive measures can keep your immune system healthy and away from germs. Eat these foods to increase immunity against cold and cough. Include them in your regular diet and witness the magic of fresh food items. You can also look for fruits good for cold and cough in our website.


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