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Full Gym Equipment Price in India

Best Gym Equipment Price in India

Taking care of your fitness and health is a priority for everyone. But not everyone has the time to go out for a run or go to a gym for some workout. There is a solution for that, a home gym. It is easier to do the workout at home because then you would be saving your time of going to and coming back from a gym or a park.

Gym Equipment Price in India

Let’s have a look at the most popular Full gym equipment price in India.

HASHTAG FITNESS 60 Kg Home Gym Set & Combo Kit

Hashtag Fitness provides you with 60 kg PVC weight that is filled with sand and cement inside PVC case, 20 in 1 bench, preacher curl with complete home gym set, 5 feet straight rod, 4 feet professional curl bar, and many more accessories that you need to stay fit. This home gym set is priced at Rs.12,299.

Gold Fitness Home Gym Set

The gym set features 20 in 1 bench, 40Kg rubber weight (4 pieces of 5Kg, 2 pieces of 4Kg and 4 pieces of 3Kg), 3 feet curl rod, 5 feet plain rod, one pair of dumbbell rods, hand gripper, hand gloves skipping rope. This home gym set is available for Rs.10,499.

GoFiTPrO- PHELIX Home Gym Set

Phelix home gym set includes 20 in 1 bench, 100 kg rubber weight, 5 feet plain rod (25 mm) and 3 feet curl rod (20 mm). This equipment help you to perform multiple exercises with a single bench as incline, decline, flat, leg curl, leg extension, butterfly, lat pull down, mid-row, overhead press cable, triceps pushdown, incline dumbbell fly, decline dumbbell fly, flat dumbbell fly, twisting, and push up. This home gym set is available for Rs.13,999.

Now you can buy yourself a full gym equipment kit online at a reasonable price in India through Amazon.in. All the heavy equipment will get delivered to your doorstep in no time. You can also look for all in one gym machine price in india.


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