Google Certified Course for Digital Marketing


The best way to learn digital marketing is by enrolling yourself for an online digital marketing training course. A good course will help you build the skills needed to become a successful digital marketer fast and boost your career perspectives. Google offers certifications in a number of courses aligned with its digital marketing roadmap. Here are different types of Google certified courses for digital marketing.

  1. Google Digital Unlocked Course
  • A comprehensive overview of digital marketing dynamics.
  • Information about key concepts and strategic vocabulary.
  • Covers a wide array of topics from SEO to social media.
  • Helpful in driving online business.
  1. AdWords Fundamentals Course
  • Helps align advertisement priorities with clients’ needs and prospects’ preferences.
  • Unique targeting methods for capturing the attention of leads looking for services peddled by your client.
  • Insights about selecting strategic keywords for organizing focused campaigns.
  1. Search Advertising Course
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) introduction.
  • Ways to match your ad’s strategies with niche organic leads’ requirement.
  1. Display Advertising Course
  • Educates about ways to explore potential avenues for deploying visual ads for the most impact.
  1. Mobile Advertising Course
  • Helps organize campaigns meant for deployment on mobile platforms.
  • Ways to devise cross-functional ad strategies for intuitively adapting to smartphone platforms.
  1. Video Advertising Course
  • Ways to leverage the potential of videos as advertising media.
  • Strategies for creating compelling videos with a trenchant call to action.
  1. Shopping Advertising Course
  • Methods to efficiently create and administrate Google Merchant Center account.
  • Ways to optimize shopping campaign on Google.
  1. Analytics Course
  • Effective strategies to optimally utilize Google Analytics to sense the pulse of leads.
  • Introduction to working of Analytics Tools.
  • Ways to connect AdWords and Analytics for adding edge to your campaigns.
  1. Google My Business Course
  • Use of Google My Business tool for keeping information accurate and updated in Google Search and Maps.

Digital marketing skills are critical not only for digital marketing professionals but for anyone working in a business that has an online presence. This includes entrepreneurs, marketing managers, marketing specialists, and small business owners. Google certified courses for digital marketing ensure that you are fully equipped to handle marketing via online channels. You can also check out for google certified digital marketing course in chennai.

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