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Honda Generators & Their Prices

Honda’s new age generators are portable and are made by using innovative technology. Unlike other generators, Honda has designed the generators in a way that they don’t make much noise. These silent generators are a perfect standby power source for your household. Honda’s generators from their inverter series and handy series are available online on for easy purchase and timely delivery.

Let’s have a look at these powerful Honda generators and their prices.

Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE Multicolor Inverter Generator

This inverter generator by Honda gives out the output of 2800 VA. The generator is ultra-silent, portable and compact for easy storage and sound free usage. The generator can easily run your AC and other electrical appliances. This generator is priced at Rs.1,30,173.

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Honda EU 70is Metal & HDPE Multicolor Inverter Generator

This inverter generator comes with full transistor ignition and electronically controlled fuel injection system. It gives out an output of 5.5 kVA. This Honda 5 kVA generator is priced at Rs.2,14,898. The materials used in making this portable generators are metal and HDPE(High-density polyethylene).

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HONDA Siel Power Products EP 1000

This portable handy series generator gives a maximum output of 850 VA. It runs on petrol and uses a recoil start system. Its fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters. This petrol genset 4 stroke single cylinder generator has a compact design and gives the best in class performance. This generator from Honda’s handy series is priced at Rs.31,048.

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These silent and eco-friendly generators are perfect for every household. With good performance and consumer-friendly design, these generators are so silent that you might even forget that your generator is on. With maximum output, Honda 5 kVA generator is the best choice but if not then there are other options that are easily available on as well.

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