Current Date:January 20, 2022

How to Clean Vegetables from Coronavirus

During the time of Lockdown there is fear amongst people about the spread of Coronavirus through food. As of now there has been no report of Coronavirus being spread through food but as a cautionary measure it is important for you to clean your fruits and vegetables properly before eating. Here you can see how to clean vegetables from coronavirus.

The correct way to clean vegetables:

  • Wash vegetables with water thoroughly before cutting.
  • The best way if you want to be extra cautious is to take water in a big pot, add a little salt or baking soda to it. After this, dip vegetables for some time.
  • Wash vegetables one by one under fresh water.
  • If you want to use peel of vegetables then wash them more carefully with salt water.

Useful kitchen tips that you should follow to keep the virus at bay:

  • Wash the packets of milk brought from outside with clean water before using it.
  • Do not tear any pouch or packet with your teeth, use knife or scissor.
  • Keep cooked and raw foods in the refrigerator separately.
  • Do not consume fruits or vegetables with peel at this time.

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