Current Date:April 19, 2021

How to Close SBI Credit Card Online

Many people want to know ‘How to close SBI credit card online’ but what they don’t know is that they cannot do that. The cancellation request for SBI Credit Card can either be made via a written request or by a request over the phone.

  • Closing request for the SBI Credit Card over the phone: To make a cancellation request over the phone you have to call the SBI’s helpline number 1860-180-1290. When a cancellation request is made over the phone, a reference number will be provided which will have to be mentioned in case you have a query regarding the status of the cancellation.
  • Closing request for the SBI Credit Card through a letter: The letter with a request in writing for cancellation of the card along with details of the full name and address (name as available in the Credit Card record), card number, and contact information should be sent to SBI, PO Bag No 28, GPO, New Delhi-110001. Confidential information like the PIN and CVV number should not be provided in the letter.
Here are some things you must ensure after sending the request to close your SBI Credit Card:
  • Do not use the card: Make sure not to use the card after submitting a request for cancellation as any pending dues against the card will only delay the process of closing it.
  • Dispose off your card responsibly: Cut the card diagonally after making a request for closure of the Credit Card account. Although SBI does not require you to deposit the cut card, some banks do have that policy. As for SBI card, you can dispose it off after it has been cut.
  • Automatic closure of add-on card: It must be clear that once you send a request for the closure of the primary card, the add-on card will be closed automatically.
  • Redeem reward points: If you forgot to redeem your reward points before sending the closure request, you can do so now, within the next 45 days.

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