Current Date:January 20, 2022

How to Sanitize your Phone at Home

Keeping your mobile phone clean is very important as that is something you use almost all the time. Your mobile phone might be carrying germs that it acquired from the table counter you kept it on or when you pressed your building’s elevator’s button and then touched your phone or many other such ways. Like other things, you should sanitize your mobile phone often as well. Here’s how to sanitize your phone at home:

Pre-moistened sanitizing wipes- Store a small quantity of wipes sealed in a plastic bag in at home for easy cleaning. Avoid products with scrubbing action, and opt for cloths that contain appropriate disinfectants to eliminate flu and cold germs, and food germs such as salmonella. Note that not all marketed mobile phone cleaners contain disinfectants, so be sure to review those ingredient lists.

Rubbing alcohol and water- A 50-50 DIY option where you can take one part alcohol, one part water, and mix it together. Pour it into a spray bottle, spray it on an ultra-fine microfiber cloth, and then apply it to your phone. Make sure the cloth is not too wet in order to protect your phones’ inside components.

White vinegar and water- An organic DIY option where you mix one part vinegar and one part water, and then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray it on an ultra-fine microfiber cloth prior to application. Once applied, it might smell funny but rest assured the stink will go away soon.

Hand Sanitizer- Squeeze a dab of hand sanitizer gel onto a tissue, and rub it in so it absorbs well before allowing the tissue to come in contact with your device.

When you are cleaning your mobile phone avoid excess moisture at all costs. While cleaning agents with a rubbing alcohol component are often quick to evaporate, moisture that seeps into buttons and input jacks can cause damage. Keep a clean microfiber cloth on hand to help absorb any moisture on the surface after you wipe the phone clean – unlike most surfaces which can air dry, it’s best to dry the phone by hand.

If you’re using a spray bottle, always use the spray to moisten a cloth first; never spray directly onto the device. For best results, wipe clean and thoroughly dry several times in a row to eliminate germs.


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