Current Date:January 20, 2022

how to use non contact infrared thermometer

A non-contact infrared thermometer is a thermometer that uses infrared technology to measure an object or person’s thermal radiation without the need for any physical contact to be made. This is incredibly useful when measuring the temperature of mechanical and electrical equipment or when dealing with sick patients.

These types of thermometers typically resemble the shape of a gun so that they can be easily pointed at an object and steadied for accurate measurement. Here is the procedure on how to use non-contact infrared thermometer

How to Use Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

How to use non contact infrared thermometer:

The person using the device should strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for use for the specific NCIT being used. In particular, the following are typical instructions for NCIT usage.

  • Hold the NCIT sensing area perpendicular to the forehead and instruct the person to remain stationary during measurement(s). (See Figure 1)
  • The distance between the NCIT and forehead is specific to each NCIT. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for correct measurement distances.
  • Do not touch the sensing area of the NCIT and keep the sensor clean and dry.

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