Current Date:April 19, 2021

Set Wet Deo Price

Set Wet deo price is quite affordable in comparison with other deodorants available in the market. The deodorants are mostly loved by the youngsters as they advertise their deodorants in a funky manner. Set Wet deodorants are available in four fragrances. Here are the four fragrances with the funky content that they have used on their website to attract customers. The content clearly shows that their target customers are the youngsters in their teens or the college goers.


You are the bright spot of the day. The fun guy who is in every friend circle. Who everyone want in their circle. Your comebacks are a hit. Your jokes, get the likes. And your prank go viral every time. Make Set Wet your bro. Your avatar is Mischief avatar.


You are the king of sun & sand. The sporty one, who is up for anything. You enter & the beach comes alive. You play ball. You pull off stunts on water. And of course, are tagged in every beach selfie. Make Set Wet your ally. Your avatar is Cool avatar.


You are the rays of sunshine on a dull day. The mad energy that wakes up boring lectures. You are bright, even OMG sometimes. But that only makes you the class favorite. And the reason no one ever bunks class. Make Set Wet your seat partner. Your avatar is Swag avatar.


You bring lovistaan alive every morning. You know what they want. And are not afraid to make the first move. You’re 100% compatible with every sun sign. No wonder you are called the real love guru. Make Set Wet your plus one. Your avatar is Charm avatar.

The Set Wet deo price is below Rs.150 for a 150 ml bottle and this applies to all the fragrances or avatars as they call them. Along with se wet deo, you can also choose axe signature pocket perfume.


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