Sony Series 4.1 Home Theatre Price

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Sony has always been the go-to brand for good audio systems. We have faith in Sony as it has been around for decades and it has created goodwill that cannot be overlooked easily. When it comes to the brand name Sony, it is assumed that whatever product they may be launching, it surely will have good audio and long life. That is the kind of faith we have in the brand. Let’s have a look at the Sony series 4.1 home theatre system which is priced at Rs. 8,190 on Sony series home theatre 4.1 price is always competing with other brands like Samsung, Boat, JBL, and other top brands across the segment.

Sony SA-D40 C E12 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth

Sony series 4.1 home theatre system is built to let your home feel the beat with powerful bass and wider sound effect of multimedia speaker SA-D40. This stylish 4.1 channel multimedia speaker feature bluetooth connectivity along with USB and audio inputs, so you can enjoy your favourite songs with enhanced sound quality. It gives the output of 80W and can easily be controlled with a remote control.

Sony Series 4.1 Home Theatre Price

The Sony series 4.1 home theatre price is reasonable for a system with such good features. So, have faith in Sony and get yourself a powerful home theatre system from No huss no fuss, get it delivered to your doorstep in no time. sony home theatre price 4.1 is pretty competitive compared to other brands across the segment. Also, visit Intex home theater 5.1 with Bluetooth price.

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