Current Date:March 3, 2021

TCS iON Online Examination Centre

The iON Digital Assessment Solution allows you to conduct large scale assessments digitally, shortening the exam cycle from nine months to one month. The iON Digital Assessment Solution provides end-to-end services to configure and schedule examinations. This include creating online and offline assessments, configuring attendance and hall tickets, creating drives, managing exam slots, and assigning test centres to candidates. The solution also helps manage the distribution of question papers and the evaluation and results management processes.

The solution is well suited for the following segment:

School Boards – Digitally re-imagined academic and administrative processes

Recruitment and Exam Bodies – End-to-end solution focused on eradicating the menace caused by fake certificates and tampering of student records

The iON Digital Assessment Solution allows candidates to choose their exam date, exam time, and TCS iON online examination centre as per convenience. The solution also performs an audit of test centres to estimate the actual infrastructure capacity (number of computers and so on).

The TCS iON Exam Process Management Solution addresses three transactional phases.

  • Smooth Enrolment and Registration: The solution helps collate all student details from the submitted forms. These forms bear students’ personal and academic details including choice of subject and respective faculty details.
  • Ease of Reports at Pre Examination Stage: At this stage, the solution facilitates the generation of standard reports including check lists and cut list, and allocation of TCS iON online examination centres. It helps create admit cards as well as generate and print the required test materials and stationery items.
  • Faster Result Generation at Post Examination Stage: In the final stage, the solution helps collect and report attendance sheets, result sheets, and practical mark list. It also supports the preparation of regulatory reports.

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