Current Date:April 19, 2021

Tupperware Steel Lunch Box

Since we were kids we have been using lunch boxes. When we were kids we used to take our lunch with us to our schools in a lunch box. At that time, who had a better lunch box mattered when someone used to show off their Mickey Mouse shaped lunch box or a lunch box with Tom & Jerry printed on top of the lid. As we grew, our lunch boxes became simpler and mindful. Now we often select lunch boxes that are durable and made with good quality microwavable material so we can heat up our food at office. Most famous amongst all brands is Tupperware, we often wonder if they will introduce a Tupperware steel lunch box but as of now they provide only plastic lunch boxes. Here are some of the lunch boxes that are made with good quality material by Tupperware:

Classic Slim

Simple snacking at home or on the go! A healthy and modern alternative for keeping your kid’s hunger pangs under control.

  • Capacity of Classic Slim Lunch is 610 ml.
  • Special groove fits into the rim of the divider to provide convenient compartments.
  • Textured and polished surface that makes it durable.
  • Fits easily into a briefcase, backpack or a handbag.

Kids Divided Dish

Ideal for your little one to meet lunch box needs. Store and serve baby food and kids’ snacks. Put chapatis, vegetable and candies in separate sections so that food does not get mixed.

  • 65cm (D) x 3.61cm (H), Capacity 350 ml
  • The convenient size which makes it easy to accommodate
    in hand bag or school bag.
  • The divided compartments keep food neatly separated.
  • The air tight seal keeps food fresh and hygienic for long.

New Classic Lunch Set

Pack a complete healthy and nutritious meal for your family members.

  • Comes with 1 large handy bowl, 1 12oz tumbler, 1 executive small bowl and 1 executive large bowl.
  • It has a perfect bag which can carry all the above containers filled with extra snacks and beverages and fruit tumblers.
  • Has a liquid and airtight seal.
  • Ergonomic to hold and carry around.

Spring Surprise Lunch Set

The perfect portion packed in a colourful bag. This is perfect for school teachers, office goers, college students, shop owners etc.

  • Comes with 1 executive large bowl, 1 keep tab small, and 1 executive small bowl.
  • It has a perfect bag which can carry all the above containers extra snacks and beverages and fruit.
  • Has a virtual airtight seal.

Though many of us still pray for a Tupperware steel lunch box to be introduced in the market, there is no news that it will ever happen. So, if you are looking for a Tupperware steel lunch box then you will not be able to find it as it doesn’t exist. You can also look for how to use non contact infrared thermometer.


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